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List of Approved Guides for Ph.D.:-

  1. Dr. Chhaya Gadgoli
  2. Dr. Sandhya P.
  3. Dr. Archana Naik

Approved guides for M. Pharm.:-

  1. Dr. Monita Gide
  2. Dr. Chhaya Gadgoli
  3. Dr. Sandhya P.
  4. Dr. Archana Naik
  5. Ms. Prachi Pathak
  6. Ms. Leena Chavan
  7. Dr. Ojasvi Ghadge
  8. Mrs. Purnima Vivek
List of Patents
Sr. No Name of Inventors Patent Title Patent Application Date Status of Patent Applications
1 Dr. Chhaya Gadgoli and Ms. Jaie Karve. Method and apparatus for extraction of essential oils 26th May, 2022 Published
2 Dr. Archana Naik and Mr. Amogh Bhanushali. A composition for artificial rain and effluent treatment 20th August, 2021 Published
Sr. No Name of Grant Name of P.I. Grant Amount Title
1 MODROB Dr. Chhaya Gadgoli Rs. 16,35,294 Modernization of Facilities for Research in Natural Product Technology
2 MU Minor Research Grant Project Mr. Shivaji Giram Rs. 45000
3 MU Minor Research Grant Project Ms. Anuja Parkhe Rs. 50000 Standardization of Traditional Medicine for Urolithiatic Activity by HPTLC
4 MU Minor Research Grant Project Ms. Mayuri Padhye Rs. 55000 Phytochemical Investigation and Evaluation of Pharmacological Activity of Citrus Medica
5 MU Minor Research Grant Project Mrs. Sunanda Patil Rs. 55000 Development of Antihypertensive Drugs: Atenolol for the Treatment of Diabetic Eye Disease, in vitro Safety and Efficacy Studies
6 MU Minor Research Grant Project Dr. Chhaya Gadgoli Rs. 90000
7 MU Minor Research Grant Project Mrs. Priyanka Kalamkar Rs. 50000 Development and Validation of HPTLC Method for Simultaneous Determination and Quantitation of Biomarkers in Ajmodadi Churna
8 MU Minor Research Grant Project Ms. Rupali Bhoje Rs. 40000 Development and Validation of Chromatographic Analytical Technique
9 MU Minor Research Grant Project Ms. Leena Chavan Rs. 40000
10 MU Minor Research Grant Project Ms. Aparajita V. Rs. 70000
Total Amount Rs 2,130,294

Air-conditioned instrument lab is well equipped with latest modern analytical instruments suitable for modern research.

The upgraded facilities encourage the undergraduate students and research scholars to explore the application of modern analytical instruments to conduct quality research.

List of Analytical Instruments.

Instrumental facilities are available to Industries and Post graduate students of other colleges for carrying out analytical work. 

For assistance, contact:

  • Dr Chhaya Gadgoli
    HOD & Professor Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry

  • Dr Archana Naik 
    Associate Professor Instrument Room In-charge


 Contact E-mail: [email protected]


Sr. NoName of InstrumentsDetails
1High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Manufacturer: Schimadzu
Model: SPD-10AVP
Other info: Isocratic System, UV-Vis detector Application: Identification,
and Purification of sample.
2High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)Manufacturer: Jasco Model: JASCOHPLC-400 Other info: Gradient system, UV-Vis detector Application: Identification,
Quantification and Purification of sample.
3High-Performance Thin-Layer ChromatographyMake & Model: CAMAG Sample applicator- Linomat 5 Scanner: TLC Scanner 3 Software: winCATS Planar Chromatography Manager Applications: Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of Phytoconstituents and Pharmaceuticals.
4Digital microscope with Image plus 2.0 softwareMake: Motic Scientific Ltd. Software: Image plus 2.0 software with Windows 7. Applications: Digital microscopy, Digital Imaging and is an excellent tool for Medical Life Science and in medical field.
5Double beam UV-VIS SpectrophotometeterShimadzu Model: SL-1900 Applications: Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of Pharmaceuticals. Multicomponent analysis, derivative spectroscopy.
6Double beam UV-VIS SpectrophotometeterINKARP Model:- SICAN-2301 Applications: Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of Pharmaceuticals.
7High Speed Cooling CentrifugeMake and model: REMI High Speed : 20000 RPM Precise temperature control up to – 8°C Applications: useful in Purification of biological samples, Preparation of Phytosomes and extraction of Proteins.
8Flash ChromatographyMake and Model: Biotage Biotage isolation system with SNAP Ultra flash chromatography cartridges Applications: It is used for isolation of phytochemical constituents of complex plant extracts.
It is useful technique for quickly separating increasing
quantities of samples. 
9FTIR with ATRMake: JASCO. latest sample handling techniques ATR provides quick analysis of sample. Applications: Qualitative analysis of variety of samples. Structural elucidation by determining functional groups.
10Gel Electrophoresis-Horizontal Make: Genei Used for Characterization of DNA and RNA
11Gel Electrophoresis-VerticalMake: Equiptronic Used for characterization of Proteins.
12Deep Freezer-: -200°CMake: Celfrost Useful for storage of bioanalytical samples Cryopreservation
Storage of enzyme Kit.
Helpful for Pre-Clinical studies.