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"College is the body and library is the soul of it, which moulds the future of the student"

Our library is a treasure house of important books. The library area is 135 sq.mtr. with seating capacity of 100 readers including PG, UG and Staff. The library has a specialized collection in the field of Pharmacy including Reference Books like Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Technology; Indian, U.S. & British Pharmacopoeias; Dictionaries, Medical Dictionary; National and British Formulary; Merck Index, Martindale; Decker Series etc. We subscribe to most leading National and International Journals related to the Pharmacy.

The Library Resource Center offers the services as Reading Facilities, Reference, Open Access Facility (Staff & M.Pharm), CAS, SDI, Photocopying, Circulation, Video Viewing, Computerized Information Search (Digital Library), Newspaper Clipping etc.

The Library is a member of University Department of Chemical Technology (UDCT), through which our PG and Staff members can refer their library and access Online Databases, Full text Journals, Full text Books etc. One of the outstanding attributes of the Library is the availability of sustaining funds from the trust and as a result of the creation of special endowments for library.

In the present scenario library clienteles are more attracted by the information available in e-form rather than physically searching through catalogue etc. Therefore the Digital Library becomes the necessasity of the library for their better usage of collection. SVBCP had inaugurated the DIGITAL LIBRARY ON 19th FEBRUARY, 2008. Through which users are able to access Thesis, Seminars [full text from 2008 onwards], Industrial Reports [full text from 2008 onwards], Staff Publications, Teaching aids, Periodic and Semester Question Papers, Syllabus, E-Books etc.

Salient Features

Sr. No.


Library facility available as on date
1 Volumes of books 7500
2 Titles of books 1545
3 No. of Printed National Journals 20
4 E-journals : Bentham Science & Science Direct 23
5 Bound Journals 788
6 Educational CDs 54
7 Thesis 210
8 Seminar Report (B.Pharm / M.Pharm) 449
9 Industrial Training Report 571
10 Drug Information Report 56

Library Service

The Library Resource Center offers the following services :

  • Reading Facility
  • Reference
  • Open Access Facility ( Staff & M.Pharm )
  • Photocopying
  • Circulation
  • Web-Opac (On-line Public Access Catalogue)
  • Computerized Information Search ( Digital Library )
  • Newspaper Clipping

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership of Institute of Chemical Technology: The membership will be immensely helpful to our staff and post graduate students who engage in the research activity.

Library Automation

Library automation done by using the E-Granthalaya Software.

Digital Library

Digitization of the Institutional repositories by using DSpace Software. The material accessible are :

  • Thesis
  • Seminars and Industrial Reports
  • Periodic Question Papers
  • Semester QuestionPapers
  • Staff Publications
  • Syllabus
  • E-books
  • Photo Gallery
  • College Publications

Library Details

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